• Katie Jane

This quarter students will learn about Russian fiddle tunes! All students will learn this famous traditional tune, "Khorovod" (pronounced ha-ra-vot), and we will perform the tune all together as a group! Online students will record themselves performing the tune to a click track and will have an introductory lesson on musical recording projects. In-person students will get to perform a more complex version of the tune in a group. It's going to be lots of fun!!

Check out the video below to hear the tune and get inspiration for the style!

Khorovod is a traditional Russian round dance, a dance done in a large group while holding hands in a big circle!

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Hi there fiddlers and friends!

This year I will be theming every quarter a different regional fiddling style! We will learn about the different sounds, styles, keys and traditions of fiddling from around the world. I can't wait to share with you some of the best tunes from a multitude of cultures- each has something beautiful to appreciate and learn from!

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