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Irish Fiddle Bowings Class Starts July 14!

Hello fiddlers and friends! On July 14 I will start my Irish Fiddle Group Class again!

This class will be a 6 week session occurring weekly on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Zoom. This class will be a little different than my usual Irish fiddle group classes. This class will focus specifically on Irish fiddle bowings. Bowings are a HUGE part of creating a true Irish sound, and being able to identify the note patterns that lend themselves to specific bowings will help you when learning new tunes for the rest of your musical career!

In this class you will be given the sheet music for each tune prior to class, and each week we will go through the basic notes of the tune then dive deeper into understanding bowings and note patterns in the tune. By the end of the 6 week session you will have learned 6 traditional Irish fiddle tunes, and the specific bowings and note patterns to create a true Irish sound! This class is going to be so much fun!! I encourage every student that has been playing their instrument for at least one year to join this exciting class! It is $72 for the 6 week session. CLICK HERE to sign up!

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