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Snow Day Reflections

Today I've been reflecting on my life as a teacher, and I can't believe I've been teaching fiddle for over 6 years now! I couldn't be happier with choosing this path as my career! Every student from beginner to advanced, from ages 5 to 81, brings me so much joy!

As a teacher I LOVE sharing my passion for making music with my students. Seeing students overcome challenges, find their musical voice, and have those "Ah ha!" moments- there's nothing more rewarding to me. I always thought I wouldn't have the patience to become a teacher. "I want it all, and I want it now!" That's me. But I enjoy every moment of the intimate interactions that come along with being a music teacher, and I feel like I'm making the world a more joyous and beautiful place with every note I share with my students.

I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for the teachers that shaped who I am as a musician, and I hear their words resonate within me as I play and teach. Additionally I am so grateful for those musicians who have inspired me to find my passion for Irish fiddle music. THANK YOU! Through discovering the Irish fiddle community, I feel like I found my musical voice. Maybe I even found my true calling, or my life path. It's unexplainable why it "clicked" for me, but I know it's real, and I'm so fulfilled having a direction.

Whatever your direction is, I hope you find it, or have found it already. And when you do- follow it! Because doing what brings you the most joy in the world is a great way to feel like you're being the truest version of yourself. And you deserve all the joy that this world can give you!

If you ever have any questions about fiddling or how to become a music teacher or a full time professional musician feel free to reach out to me! I'm happy to help you find your path!

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